What They Say About The Coast FM

John in Seattle   Subject: Talk Back to Your Radio: Little Stephen sent me. “Hey Baby..” , (this actually is not Little Stephen, but one of his admirers (supporters), here to reassert..) ” Mendocino’s KOZT… the coolest radio station in the world!!! ”

You’re the best:  Writing from Vancouver, BC. So glad I discovered KOZT. No station like you in Canada or anywhere else. Thank you for being there.

Greetings from the Caribbean: Long time listener old timer from Mendoworld been in the BVI’s since 1986 but you all keep us connected and in the loop. PLUS you all play wicked good music Thank you

I listen to you at home now in the SF Bay Area after “discovering” this amazing cultural phenomenon while visiting my home away from home a year ago. You are now part of my every day.
I was raised in Mendo County many moons ago, and dream of moving back. I just visited, and sadly arrived home on Friday. I never realized how the music you play is so infused with a sense of place. I would be driving along the Coast up past Westport where the road dramatically leaves the shoreline and heads to Leggett. The music so enhanced my sensory experience as I drove along, windows down, taking in the smells, sights and sounds of that magical, one of a kind place. And of course singing along, and SAFELY dancing in my car seat as Kate got us UP.
And the sense of community is so strong. You provide such a great service to your Heartland, and to those who hear about it from a few hours south.
Thanks so much, Laurie

Cathy: Thank you for airing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Last DJ concert Live at the Olympic
The Coast KOZT : You’re welcome, Cathy. Glad you enjoyed it.
Cathy:  The Last DJ may have been written with Jim Ladd in mind, but your DJs still rock the public airways!! Grateful for the ability to stream The Coast KOZT anywhere in the world!

Thank you!:  I just want to thank KOZT for making my life in New Hampshire more tolerable! When the radio station I listen to here (which is in Boston, MA) (92.5 The River) get’s old and too pop rock, I switch over to KOZT. And I listen to KOZT at night, and on the weekends. (don’t watch TV other than movies)
The classic rock, excellent artists (Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, Cream- Eric Clapton, etc). Keep em coming!  Thank you!

The music was great all day. Sanding, varnishing and KOZT for hours.   Lots of work done.  Best Wishes to You and the Crew!  Stay Safe & Be Well  Richard

Happy:  Thank you for this station!
We go to Caspar at least twice a year in our trailer and we listen to you the whole time.  Now I am listening from home in the Bay Area.  This area has been a part of my life since I was born and you are the epitome of the feeling I get when I think of the coast. Stay Awesome!

My brother lives in Cloverdale and he turned me on to your station. I live down in southern California but I listen over the internet. You guys are hands down the best “over-the-air” radio station I have ever heard. You guys play great music. I hate all the other radio stations because they just play the same play list over and over again. You guys play all sorts of non-playlist songs and B sides, etc. Makes me want to move to Mendocino County just so I can listen to you guys on the radio!! Keep up the good work and don’t ever change.

Reply-To: WorldwideDeadheads@groups.io  To David Gans, Grateful Dead Hour Host: David,    I’m an ardent  listener to The Coast from Mendocino on my Google Home Mini smart speaker. SO much better than Irish radio!!!   Great to hear you on there – you play some wonderful music  – I don’t think I’d EVER heard Fred Neil played on the radio before I discovered The Coast – or John Fahey!!!   It’s  nice to keep in touch of what’s happening in my “home from home”, Sonoma county.   Is the programme broadcast live? Anyway,  here’s a request… Howzabout  “Section 43”, from Country Joe & The Fish, or anything by The Dinosaurs?  I couldn’t recommend The Coast more highly, and if anyone on this group hasn’t discovered it yet – and has an Alexa or Google Min, Echo or whatever…. what are you waiting for?  Keep on keepin;’ on, Dave!!

Best Radio Station in America:  Love to y’all from Houston. My wife and I have been listening to the KOZT since our honeymoon in Mendocino 20 years ago. Y’all rock!

Dear KOZT Radio Staff,  I am a devotee to KOZT after a meander along your magical Mendocino Coast and days sampling the beer, wine and cider of the Anderson Valley from idyllic Boonville last year.  Now home again to Toowoomba, in Queensland  ( and borders shut!) in Australia, I listen in daily. You have an extra-special radio station;  the care expressed for your community during Covid19 and bushfire crisis is exemplary.  I admire your subtle inferences calming down the flash points in politics, race and economic scandals.   Please view the attached article, highlighting a special music teacher in an isolated town in New South Wales.   I’m sure it will touch the heartstrings!  KOZT keep strong for Mendocino County, for your United States and for all of us Downunder.  Sincerely Cheers and love,  Janet

im listening to you as usual from Mallorca, balearic islands in Spain and yesterday the smoke has come all over to our islands as the news stated 🙁   Keep doing great music! My parents who live in menorca, and myself here in mallorca, always listen to your radio station!   Be safe & keep airing great tunes.  pd. btw Your voice is greeeeaaaat 😉  un saludo 👋

Just a note to let you know that there is a small group of OLD pals (we went to college together in the early 70’s) here in So Cal that are avid fans of The Coast. Chris in San Diego turned me on to you and then I let Rudy in Yorba Linda know you were worth a listen. Well, all of us are your biggest fans now. Lot’s of great radio over the years here in So Cal and we’re reminded of the Mighty Met, KMET, from back in the day when we tune in to The Coast. You’re the go-to station for all of us now. I think we’ve all forgotten how to open our Pandora and Spotify accounts thanks to your great programming and quality DJ’s. Great radio is hard to find and we’re lucky we found you! Keep up the great work! Thanks! Freeman in Seal Beach

I moved to Mendocino County in the fall of 2018. At the time my then 13-year-old daughter was discovering Classic Rock. She had grown up listening to Classic Rock, but she took a BIG interest around the time we moved here. We listened to The Coast every morning on our commute from near the Hog Farm to Willits and bonded while listening to The Coast. We especially loved the morning Rock Quiz. I was amazed at the excellent DJ’s, and fell in love with the station. We even like the commercials. When we go to Ft. Bragg we can’t wait to visit some of the businesses that advertise on the Coast. Now we live in Ukiah, but we still tune in on-line and in the car. It is something that we share, and love together. My daughter just turned 15 (On Jerry Garcia’s Birthday) and she has become a Classic Rock expert. Her knowledge of The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and The Who (the list is actually much longer) puts people in my generation to shame (I’m 57). We don’t always get along. Teens can be difficult. But, we always listen to The Coast together, and it is one thing we agree on. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the station. Thank you.

big kiss xxx:  Cheers from Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia!  I’ve just spent 7 weeks holidaying at a friends home in Queensland, where I listened to your station just about every day. I loved just about ALL of the music you played and a lot of nostalgia and memories in your selections too. Now I have to get someone to show me how to set up my lap top so I can listen to you at home. BECAUSE NO OTHER STATION WILL DO!! ha ha thanks guys xxx xxx xxx

Breakfast with the Beatles:  My husband & I love BWTB and would like to know if Tom (is that right?) creates this show himself. I know there is a syndicated show of the same name, but your show seems to be different.  Thanks so much for the show. It’s like church for old hippies! 😉  April 💜

congrats: I listen to coast mainly on Sunday breakfast with the beatles. have been listening to your power out and disaster broadcasting under difficult conditions. Shout out to you for your public service and assist to the community. Very well done. Beyond the call of duty. Kudos to you. Mike Minnow Amarillo TX

Hi there …listening here in Barcelona Spain on vacation from the UK … having a great time in the sun and enjoying some great sounds your playing for us tonight here … any chance of some Tom Rush sometime soon Cheers Glenn and Adam

Monday: Laying on a beach in the w.indies 😎, just saying thanks for you all, shout out to all the Friends of Bill W. In Ukiah, believe it Anything is Possible “ANYTHING” Happy Memorial Day👣

KOZT is great!!: Five years ago my wife and I did a CA road trip from Chico to a wedding in Sacramento via Fort Bragg/Mendocino. On that drive/train trip we discovered the KOZT. One of the best things about my new Tesla Model 3 is Tune-in that makes it effortless to listen to the KOZT even though I live in MA. Your DJs, the mix of music- rarely heard on radio recordings of great music by great artists – is unequalled in my experience of 50 years of listening to radio across the USA. Please keep up the great work, the background on artists, songs, etc. we even enjoy hearing Fort Bragg news weather and ads that remind us of our road trip.

fantastic: thanks to the internet I can listen to you guys all the time from my home in Pacifica. Born in San Francisco. have been listening to FM since the late 60s you guys are fantastic thank you so much for continuing to play GREAT MUSIC right now Loggins and Messina Angry Eyes; who else would have the taste to play stuff like this !!!! Cheers, Louis

Compliment: Just a great job with your music selection…how can I support you from a coastal town in Delaware!!!

Appreciation!:  Love your morning news, with Joe and Dred plays my favorite rock…..big fan. Great way to wake up, any day.  And any day is a good day to wake up to KOZT. Also loved the 4th July live broadcast.  Thanks everybody at KOZT…like a little bit of local magic spread all around.

I recently moved to Faboulous Fort Bragg to be closer to my daughter who lives in Gualala and just love your radio station. I love the music you play and I love Sunday mornings with the Beatles. Thank you and please don’t ever change.

The LEAST cookie cutter, corporate and commercial radio station in the country. The BEST mix of current and classic tracks on any station since the glory days of progressive FM rock radio. The ONLY station I listen to.

We love The Coast. We take you everywhere since we found your station three years ago celebrating our anniversary in Mendocino. We are currently listening to you in Fiji. Bula from Fiji, keep it rockin. Amy and Jaime.

Sorry I tuned in late today to the rock quiz. I would have won this one as I was in that movie. Did a security gig at the Santa Monica civic concert. Best part of this message though is— I’m listening from Antigua!

Coolest radio ever:  I LOVE this station. I live in SC, but listen to The Coast on tunein as a favorite station on my tv sound system, an app on my iPhone to play on apple CarPlay in my car, and through Echo Alexa in my living room. I spend the whole day in Mendocino county. Great music – super DJ’s – and I’m enjoying the accessibility.

Listening on line from New York for as long as you have been streaming. You make my day–music (vintage and new), personalities, sensibility puts Fort Bragg on my relocation list (I am a retiree).  Been to Fort Bragg and environs several times.  Cheers,  Jay

Wow:  I have two recently acquired children in law who live in Mendo, and I just got back to SC after visiting. I’m listening to your station on Alexa. It is clearly the best radio station I’ve ever heard. Now, if you start playing Paul Butterfield, it’s knock my socks off. Wonderful station, Best, Bill Weber

Greetings From A UK Listener:  Hi. Greetings from the UK’s south coast to the spectacular western coast of California! I wanted to get in touch to say that I am new and regular listener to your station. What a musical treasure chest your shows present, such a diverse mix of classic and rarer tracks. It is a delight to tune in and I enjoy very much hearing about local events in your County. Due to time difference I get to hear mostly your late night and morning output, which is hosted with great style, humour and knowledge by the presenters. What shines though is the love everyone at KOZT has for the music and a genuine sense of community. I’m pleased to be a member of your audience, keep up the great work. Best wishes from your UK South Coast correspondent.     Allen

It’s getting better all the time…  Sometimes it’s like I’m quite young, the music taking me back. And I’m not so very young, yes having listened to you all these years and plenty of other radio all along the way. And so it has gone like that pretty continuously until just recently. A few months ago I saw Shinyribs on Austin City Limits — the best edited half-hour set imaginable. My life is forever changed musically. The better stuff really stands out for me now. I appreciate the good programming I hear on The Coast. And whoever sets up the overnight tunes brings out some occasional gems. You folks are wonderful to have around all the time. Thank you.        Rick

I found KOZT when camping in Mendo about 8 years ago and fell in love with the station. I stream from home because there’s no other station like it in the Sacramento area. I even stream it at work, in an elementary school library. it’s a great station- a breath of fresh (coastal) air, if you will.

Subject: playlist – I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your playlist and style of presentation. While I’m not a fan of the Dead I don’t mind enduring them for all the music you play.  The live music: ELO, Tim Hardin, Chris Issak and on and on, etc. Music I’d long ago forgotten but absolutely adore.

My wife Paula and I went camping at Russian Gulch a few weeks ago and found your station on our radio. WE LOVE THE COAST!! Love the music and all the DJs. We now listen everyday online in Meadow Vista CA. Do you do fund drives?? Can we become members??  I am a DJ for NPR affiliate Capital Public Radio in Sacramento. I host a 4 hour opera show every Sat night from 8-12 and have had the show for 18 years….anyway…LOVE THE COAST! Keep up the great programming!

Greetings friends, & happy Thanksgiving.  I was born & raised in South Africa, but spent nearly 14 years in northern California.  I did visit/pass through Mendocino a few times.  But that was that.  However while living in England I did discover KOZT & for about the last 14-15 years it has been one of my few, constant audio companions.  It is the best radio station in the world!!!  And I have access to a lot of them. We’re hoping to be travelling through northern Cal next year, & if that comes off we’d sure love to visit the station.  We’d also then be dropping in on some of your sponsors, who feel like they too are part of our lives.  Bit strange when we’re living thousands of miles away.  Anyway, have a fine Thanksgiving.  Peter

Hey there, greetings from The Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia. In the bath tub, candles burning, cold ❄ and windy outside, listening to you. Love the tunes, just perfect. Many thanks, you’ve won me. Happy days everyone. Listen to music, don’t watch the news, it will bring you down.  John

I’m here in Scotland and it’s 6:54 a.m. I tune into the Coast every morning – a great station that plays music I like. I just wanted to say I think this morning’s show is excellent. I’ve listened to you many times. I love the way you work in John Renbourn tracks. I opened gigs for him several times and he was a great musician – and now some Joni. Great way to start my day.

Hello from Minneapolis!
I’ve been listening to ‘The Coast for a few weeks now and during that time after listening to your playlist from the time I go to sleep to when I wake up and a little after waking up and sometimes at work, I find my spirits lifted and feel inspires to move to Mendocino. Your station alone opens up dream ways, paths to a happier more fulfilling lifestyle. Thanks Coast!!

Love you folks
Hey you folks. Listening to your great music from Thailand. My wife, Jeab, and I are here until early April. Then it’s back teaching kids in Berkeley. Love your music selections. Thank you.

Outstanding radio!
Folks, I haven’t been so excited to discover a new radio station since WABX from Detroit in 1968! Your New Year’s broadcast was the soundtrack of a reunion of college friends that I had not seen since 1974. The coming together of the music, the people and the memories made for “such a magic night”(thank-you, Van Morrison)and thank all of you for providing the musical path we walked down. Your station and its programming is a treasure for the soul. Thanks

Kudos – Was a Ukiah listener in the 80’s and now a happy Olympic Peninsula on line listener. Seattle has nothing like you on the radio-sad. You are a breath of fresh air and much appreciated. I would pay for this. I even added Bose computer speakers since I started listening. Keep it coming

Marie: Put up or tree and decorated the house great music today 12/3 thanks for being part of our family, love all you guys – john & kathleen

I recently moved to Lake Pillsbury from Marin & I discovered your station. It’s as if you went into my garage and inventoried my vinyl to create a playlist. Nobody plays country Joe anymore, it’s like KSAN of old. I am 66-year-old & grew up with our music. I don’t think I have heard any Procol Harum yet. Keep up the excellent programming. Bobby ‘G…..’ , off-grid fan.

I hear your radio in Switzerland. I was for 14 Days in Mendocino and Fort Bragg and i hear the first time the coast in my car. Its very good music you play. I like it. Thank you very much. Greetings from Switzerland. Beat G.

Excellent music. Sitting at my law firm paralegal desk down in San Rafael. What a terrific set!! New Jackie Greene, Badfinger, now Don Henley. You guys are so great. I am glued to you all day over the Internet.

A very good morning to you all at KozyTee 🙂  It’s nearly 10 o’clock here in Sunny Somerset, England, and we’re thinking we should be getting up!  It was sunny All Day yesterday and No Rain!! (Our summer this year has been like an early autumn – wind, wind & rain, and cold. Night frosts in July?!)  What to do? Should we stay at home and be busy or go to the sea-side? (30 miles south from here at Lyme Regis). Seems a shame to be doing housework when this ‘could’ be our last sunny day…. The beach it is then – after a few more Classic Tracks – from our friends on The Coast!  Best Wishes Piers & Family

Just spent 5 days in the Fort Bragg area, and just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the station. We had it on daily as we took our road trips each day. Whether it was north, south, or east, we enjoyed the format and the artists featured. We like to listen to local stations, and your on air staff was a pleasure. We spent some of our dollars at your advertisers, and if we had not been on a schedule, would have turned around south of Willits and headed back when your mid-morning person started discussing the Bob Ross collection in Mendocino. Maybe next time! (Oakdale CA)

I’ve always enjoyed listening to you on my way from the Bay Area to visit my daughter at HSU and now that I can stream you from my computer, it’s all good! The variety of music you play is so refreshing from any station I’ve ever heard. I also enjoy the hometown spirit you convey…I can pretend I live on the Mendocino Coast! Keep those great tunes coming and know I appreciate each one.

Avid listener – I have listened to the Coast from all over Europe in my travels, including Spain, Italy and Germany. Now I’m listening from Oslo, Norway for the summer. One of the main things I love about your station–and especially your selections, Kate–is how many live recordings you play from concerts. They’re great listening. Also, I love the variety of music you play– from contemporary artists like Dave Matthews and the Black Crows to the great oldies like the Stones and Beatles. Keep up the great job! I’m gonna keep listening!

I’m from Switzerland, traveling down Highway 1 with your awesome radio show… Carry on..!

Love your station! – Regards from Oslo, Norway  Hello! Just wanna say that I love your station. Listening online both ayt work, job and even in the car (with tunein) here in Oslo, Norway. Good music (my taste of music), good and relaxed hosts and great shows. Just wanna say Thanks! All the best. Regards, Kjetil

My husband and I have been dreaming of moving to Mendocino County for about 10 years and we bought or first Mendo home just over a year ago… not only was the move an awesome choice but when I found you on the radio, I knew that I was home for good!

Listening from the middle of nowhere. Hi guys, I’m doing a boat delivery from San Jose Del Cabo to San Francisco and we are held up by too much wind on the nose in Bahia de Tortuga in Baja Sur, a sweet little fishing village on the Pacific. Very little internet on the route but I sitting in a restaurant working on a water conservation grant and streaming KOZT. Love having you around. Richard

Praise:  Someone finally figured it out. The perfect radio station. Seriously, I have lived in a lot of different states, countries, and places. This is the very best radio station ever. Anywhere. Ever. If I owned the station, I’d want it to be exactly what this station is. Hat’s off to you guys, you have an internet listener for life. Just don’t change what you’re doing, please. I’m a musician; I love hearing things no one else will play but you guys. Great stuff. Music with substance. Thank you. God bless.

It’s 7 pm, Friday morning, “in the studio” is just over. A great show about the genius Stevie Ray Vaughan (Bought his records back in 83, 84, 85). I had to stop eating my breakfast for while this morning. Thanks for broadcasting this!
I’m ready to go to office now.
Thanks, Rolf, Bremen, Germany

A letter to editor mentioning YOU – Hi, Hope someone from your station noticed a letter I wrote to Santa Rosa Press Democrat mentioning a GREAT alternative to Round up I got from a DJ on your station months back. Just a little PR for you. I love your station and stream it daily. Kim – Santa Rosa

Here’s that article: April 5th Press Democrat Sunday Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: While listening to Mendocino’s KOZT radio station last summer, a female disc jockey provided a natural weedkiller recipe: one gallon vinegar, two cups epsom salts, a quarter-cup dawn dish soap. It is non toxic, works just as well as Roundup and is a third the cost. I tried it, and I am thrilled with the results.

Satisfaction (apologies to Teeth Richards et al!)
Just want to let you know that I’m still hanging on in in N.E. England having been introduced to you so many years ago, by my now sadly deceased cousin Hugh from Ocean Drive. Fact is you are still the best local radio station I ever tuned in to. Keep up the great work. Alan Waugh, Washington (the original) UK.

Hi Tom,  I just wanted to tell you how much LOVE how you orchestrate the music the coast plays. Baby, you amaze me.   A visitor from the valley was blown away by what you are doing. Their words were” this guy ROCKS”  You are a diamond in many eyes and ways and will shine on in your beautiful crazy way for eternity  Thank you so very much.  You TRULY enhance my life in ways you may never understand… but then again, I know you are a man that can “Imagine” and lives his life knowing that maybe we can all live as one…

Love you guys. We listen to you everyday,we are in zihuatanejo,mexico and get you on radiotime. Love your on air personalities, esp Kate and Marie. So happy to get to listen to Sunday morning with the Beatles. Stay great, fans of you all.

Greetings from Palmetto Country! Good Morning Coast Crew!! Just wanted to let you know that I listening from Summerville, South Carolina! Visiting my son in the Coast Guard (previously at Noyo Harbor), wife, and soon to be 1st grandchild!!! Enjoying all of you as always!! Thanks for great music “cross country”!! Have a great day, diane

My favorite station – I’m an out of towner but I just love your station. Got hooked on it a few years ago listening while camping at Fort Bragg. Listened all through Clear Lake on the way home. Now I listen online. You have a great website too. Can’t wait to visit Fort Bragg again. When I do I will have it on. Thanks

Joanne – Queen of THE Krewe of Dreux XXIV – 1996 – Once A Queen, Always A Queen Happy Mardi Gras From New Orleans! Love the music you are playing for us while some of us locals are home in recovery mode today. AND the awesomely perfect pronunciation of laissez les bons temps rouler! Found you guys after Katrina when New Orleans had NO radio stations running. Been a true believer ever since. You are the first thing I turn on every morning when I wake up. EVERY day! Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

Hi from the Tirol Alps, Austria! hi you guys from us here on our skiing holiday in Niederau, Austria. No Lake Tahoe for us this year, we Brits are too broke so we have an apartment here instead. We always have The Coast is always on our player as it reminds us of holidays over on your side of the pond! And we like the time difference too, you’re small hours being our breakfast time Love to you all from Lyra aged two right up to Grandad Piers aged fifty- nine. Especially loving Pink Floyd, With Best Wishes to all on…. The Coast !

We have been listening to you for about 12 years now (first found out about you when we were staying at Little River and saw listening to KOZT was one of the 100 things to do). We love your music and the personalities. KOZT is one of the reasons we decided to move to Mendocino County about five years ago. Thanks for all you do! 🙂

Hi Tom,Just wanted to remind you that you are a amazing composer of music. You and your coastal crew make my day EVERYDAY of the year. Blessings to you and everyone at the coast that rock the north coast like a earthquake…. Rod

Sitting outdoors in Newcastle, California. Cat is sitting in the chair next to me. Words can’t explain how the music KOZT brightens our hearts here. Mike Bloomfield. What can I say? I record KOZT and play it in my car. You folks are the best.  barry

Dear The Coast~ I just want to say THANK YOU for your station, DJ’s and programming. This reminded me of the golden days of FM radio where the DJ made the choices and not some algorithm on a giant server somewhere. On a recent Bucket List trip my wife and I were driving from Seattle to San Francisco on the old Hwy 1. Our Siruis radio in our rental car was spotty throughout the trip and a bit annoying playing the same things over and over on our 10-day bucket journey. Anyway, I dialed up FM and hit seek and came across your station as we were entering Mendocino County. It was an obscure Phoebe Snow song being played in honor of her birthday or death anniversary…can’t recall which but in any case, we latched on to music we knew but hadn’t heard…in DECADES. One song after another piqued our ears and minds. It was almost as if the station knew our journey and it was the soundtrack for the stretch of the 1 we were on. It seemed choreographed and in synch with a big crescendo view of the ocean popping up…or the herd of cattle eating grass on the edge of the cliff. Would they fall in the ocean we wondered? Again, thank you for restoring my faith in radio. I miss it. We are now streaming you while back home in San Diego and all day at our dog grooming shop in La Jolla. The dogs love it too. WOOF!! Sincerely, Doug & Nickie – La Jolla

My work takes me all over the country and I listen to “local” radio as I travel. Few stations, if any, bring the community into the every day experience of its listeners – not only reporting it, but contributing to and forming a sense of place that contributes to the very special  environment of Fort Bragg and the North Coast. We are indeed lucky to have such a valuable resource. (Ukiah phone number) THANK YOU!

Hi nice people at KOZT.  Jo Hall, Coast Card #4585, checking in with some pics from one of our adventures earlier this year. We were headed down Highway 395 between Carson Valley and Lone Pine on the Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway (one of the most glorious drives in California) and we took along a bumper sticker from the Coast that we acquired last July when visiting the station.  We knew we would be traveling past the vista point at Conway Summit overlooking Mono Lake and, besides the terrific view, this spot is famous for the “bumper sticker” guard rail adorned with stickers representing everything from everywhere.  My husband Michael packed yours specifically for this purpose and one photo is him proudly getting ready to adhere it to the “rail of fame”.  And then there it is for all who pass by to see!    Love your station.  Keep the great tunes coming.

Conway SummitThe Coast Sticker




Subject: Talk Back to Your Radio: iPad app
Coming in loud and clear-listening in southern China (about a 4 hour drive from the North Vietnam border). When traveling, I need my Northern California fix. and it is great to be able to listen to you on the internet. You make me feel closer to home! Best wishes, Paul

Subject: KOZT the next generation
Message: As frequent visitors to the Mendocino coast my husband and I have become hooked on The Coast and stream it when at home in Seattle. Our (grown) children refer to it as our grey ponytail station, but our two year old granddaughter has dubbed it “the sharkie station”. Today while eating lunch she was rocking out in her seat to The Stones, looked at me and said “I LOVE sharkie music!” So thanks, from Fiona and her grandma. ; – ) Pat

I am an internet listener and whenever we are more south listen via the regular radio. A couple of days ago, you played a Tom Rush song called What I know. I am a huge Tom Rush fan from years back and fell in love what that song. I also play ukulele and thought it would be a fun song to play. I wrote down the words as the song was playing, but couldn’t find the chords on line anywhere. I found Tom Rush’s fan page online an emailed asking where I could purchase a song book for the chords. Boy was I surprised to get a personal email from Tom Rush with the words and chords that he had worked up for me. I always loved his music but now I have to say I am impressed with the man! Thanks KOZT for keeping us connected in more ways than One!  Teri – Kees Crescent City, CA

Subject: At 80
Message: So at 80 your radio,
Your folks have taken 40 years off my life. Now I’m young 40 in my mind dam this is great! Your radio App. Is on my IPhone, two iPads, one Apple Comp. so I’m 40 around the clock! Thank you, thank you! O! I’m in Simi Valley . WELL JUST THANKS! Bill.


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