The Coast FM takes local programming and involvement in our community very seriously. Many small stations have gone to satellite programming, full or part time. The Coast FM is still doing it all right here in Mendocino County California. The Coast FM is a forerunner in the Adult Rock format, which blends Classic Rock, Folk and Blues and the best new artists compatible with Adult Rock sensibilities.

Does it work? In competition with some of the largest cities in the world, The Coast FM was awarded the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award of “Rock Station of the Year” for excellence in radio and three NAB Crystal Awards for excellence in Community Service.

The Coast FM music library is the largest in the county, so every day’s a No Repeat Day. We also have the county’s best sounding commercials, produced in our state-of-the art studios with never more than three commercials in a break so the client’s spots are heard, programming of value to listeners and advertisers.

The Coast FM stays top of mind through our music and high visibility, through constant benefits and community broadcasts. We produced our Local Licks Live concerts for over twenty years,  funding  music programs in local school systems, which began in 1992 and helped us to preserve and restore chorus programs in two local school systems. We also regularly host and sponsor benefits for Parents and Friends Inc.,  Mendocino County Cancer Resource Center, and many other organizations. Our air talent are always hosting local parades and community events. And, particularly important to our remote locale, The Coast FM is often the only station on the air during emergencies, such as the extreme electrical outages and severe storms. And an important source of information about shelters and evacuations during our devastating wildfires.

The Coast FM is a five-time Top 5 finalist for Marconi Awards and, as stated above, Rock Station of the Year 2002-3 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Marconi Awards. The Coast FM has been a nine time finalist for the NAB Crystal Awards and three-time recipient of this commendation for community service in 2003, 2006 and 2009.

The Coast FM broadcasts on 95.3 FM and 95.9, plus Internet streaming at, on  iOS devices, Android devices, Smart Speakers and other streaming services that have picked up our stream… all for free.

Visit our beautiful area or just tune us in… We think you’ll understand why locals listen and why visitors constantly say:

     “We wish we had a station like yours in our town!”

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