What They Say About The Coast FM

Love you guys. We listen to you everyday,we are in zihuatanejo,mexico and get you on radiotime. Love your on air personalities, esp Kate and Marie. So happy to get to listen to Sunday morning with the Beatles. Stay great, fans of you all.

Greetings from Palmetto Country! Good Morning Coast Crew!! Just wanted to let you know that I listening from Summerville, South Carolina! Visiting my son in the Coast Guard (previously at Noyo Harbor), wife, and soon to be 1st grandchild!!! Enjoying all of you as always!! Thanks for great music “cross country”!! Have a great day, diane

My favorite station – I’m an out of towner but I just love your station. Got hooked on it a few years ago listening while camping at Fort Bragg. Listened all through Clear Lake on the way home. Now I listen online. You have a great website too. Can’t wait to visit Fort Bragg again. When I do I will have it on. Thanks

Joanne – Queen of THE Krewe of Dreux XXIV – 1996 – Once A Queen, Always A QueenHappy Mardi Gras From New Orleans! Love the music you are playing for us while some of us locals are home in recovery mode today. AND the awesomely perfect pronunciation of laissez les bons temps rouler! Found you guys after Katrina when New Orleans had NO radio stations running. Been a true believer ever since. You are the first thing I turn on every morning when I wake up. EVERY day! Laissez Les BonsTemps Rouler!

Hi from the Tirol Alps, Austria! hi you guys from us here on our skiing holiday in Niederau, Austria. No Lake Tahoe for us this year, we Brits are too broke so we have an apartment here instead. We always have The Coast is always on our player as it reminds us of holidays over on your side of the pond! And we like the time difference too, you’re small hours being our breakfast time Love to you all from Lyra aged two right up to Grandad Piers aged fifty- nine. Especially loving Pink Floyd, With Best Wishes to all on…. The Coast !

We have been listening to you for about 12 years now (first found out about you when we were staying at Little River and saw listening to KOZT was one of the 100 things to do). We love your music and the personalities. KOZT is one of the reasons we decided to move to Mendocino County about five years ago. Thanks for all you do! :-)

Hi Tom,Just wanted to remind you that you are a amazing composer of music. You and your coastal crew make my day
EVERYDAY of the year.
Blessings to you and everyone at the coast that rock the north coast like a earthquake…. Rod

Sitting outdoors in Newcastle, California. Cat is sitting in the chair next to me. Words can’t explain how the music KOZT brightens our hearts here. Mike Bloomfield. What can I say? I record KOZT and play it in my car. You folks are the best.  barry

Dear The Coast~ I just want to say THANK YOU for your station, DJ’s and programming. This reminded me of the golden days of FM radio where the DJ made the choices and not some algorithm on a giant server somewhere. On a recent Bucket List trip my wife and I were driving from Seattle to San Francisco on the old Hwy 1. Our Siruis radio in our rental car was spotty throughout the trip and a bit annoying playing the same things over and over on our 10-day bucket journey. Anyway, I dialed up FM and hit seek and came across your station as we were entering Mendocino County. It was an obscure Phoebe Snow song being played in honor of her birthday or death anniversary…can’t recall which but in any case, we latched on to music we knew but hadn’t heard…in DECADES. One song after another piqued our ears and minds. It was almost as if the station knew our journey and it was the soundtrack for the stretch of the 1 we were on. It seemed choreographed and in synch with a big crescendo view of the ocean popping up…or the herd of cattle eating grass on the edge of the cliff. Would they fall in the ocean we wondered? Again, thank you for restoring my faith in radio. I miss it. We are now streaming you while back home in San Diego and all day at our dog grooming shop in La Jolla. The dogs love it too. WOOF!! Sincerely, Doug & Nickie – La Jolla

My work takes me all over the country and I listen to “local” radio as I travel. Few stations, if any, bring the community into the every day experience of its listeners – not only reporting it, but contributing to and forming a sense of place that contributes to the very special  environment of Fort Bragg and the North Coast. We are indeed lucky to have such a valuable resource. (Ukiah phone number) THANK YOU!

I listened to The Coast regularly years ago. Then software and my inability to make internet adjustments precluded the pleasure of listening in. Recently downloaded “Tunein” ap and am now enjoying The Coast once again. Keep spinning those wonderful tunes! –Bob from Colorado

Hi nice people at KOZT.  Jo Hall, Coast Card #4585, checking in with some pics from one of our adventures earlier this year. We were headed down Highway 395 between Carson Valley and Lone Pine on the Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway (one of the most glorious drives in California) and we took along a bumper sticker from the Coast that we acquired last July when visiting the station.  We knew we would be traveling past the vista point at Conway Summit overlooking Mono Lake and, besides the terrific view, this spot is famous for the “bumper sticker” guard rail adorned with stickers representing everything from everywhere.  My husband Michael packed yours specifically for this purpose and one photo is him proudly getting ready to adhere it to the “rail of fame”.  And then there it is for all who pass by to see!    Love your station.  Keep the great tunes coming.

Conway SummitThe Coast Sticker

Subject: Talk Back to Your Radio: iPad app
Coming in loud and clear-listening in southern China (about a 4 hour drive from the North Vietnam border). When traveling, I need my Northern California fix. and it is great to be able to listen to you on the internet. You make me feel closer to home! Best wishes, Paul

Subject: KOZT the next generation
Message: As frequent visitors to the Mendocino coast my husband and I have become hooked on The Coast and stream it when at home in Seattle. Our (grown) children refer to it as our grey ponytail station, but our two year old granddaughter has dubbed it “the sharkie station”. Today while eating lunch she was rocking out in her seat to The Stones, looked at me and said “I LOVE sharkie music!” So thanks, from Fiona and her grandma. ; – ) Pat

I am an internet listener and whenever we are more south listen via the regular radio. A couple of days ago, you played a Tom Rush song called What I know. I am a huge Tom Rush fan from years back and fell in love what that song. I also play ukulele and thought it would be a fun song to play. I wrote down the words as the song was playing, but couldn’t find the chords on line anywhere. I found Tom Rush’s fan page online an emailed asking where I could purchase a song book for the chords. Boy was I surprised to get a personal email from Tom Rush with the words and chords that he had worked up for me. I always loved his music but now I have to say I am impressed with the man! Thanks KOZT for keeping us connected in more ways than One!  Teri – Kees Crescent City, CA

Dear Russ and Rigelski, My 15-month old granddaughter and I listen to your show every morning from 6:00 to 7:30 when we leave for work. I want to thank you for your entertaining and enthusiastic Racine’s commercials. Molly really loves “The wall of pens!”complete with Joe’s scary sound effects. She holds out her hands to me, and I repeat what Joe says. She thinks that this is hilarious. I also really appreciate your choice of music. Thank you, Mary

Subject: At 80
Message: So at 80 your radio,
Your folks have taken 40 years off my life. Now I’m young 40 in my mind dam this is great! Your radio App. Is on my IPhone, two iPads, one Apple Comp. so I’m 40 around the clock! Thank you, thank you! O! I’m in Simi Valley . WELL JUST THANKS! Bill.

To all at KOZT, Thanks very much for all the great tune you play and all the info and liner notes about the songs and artists. It’s a great mix of old and new and sometimes “wierd” music you play. You guys have cost me a lot of money. I hear a new CD or artist on your station and have to have it. There is a lot of CD’s from well known artists that I have never heard or songs that are new to me. I’ve also been buying books from Gallery Book Shop, Mendocino. I never get bored, as your play list has so much variety, you always are waiting for the next great song. I don’t have a fancy phone to listen on, but every time I am on-line, so are you. Happy Birthday and keep up the all the music and those pesonalities at KOZT Tony – Hurricane Utah

Subject: first time listener. glad I found you on the web. I thought REAL Radio was dead. Fantastic Job Folks!!! I’ll tune in as often as I can, which will be a lot!!! Steve

Hello from Canada! My wife and I have been avid Coast listeners since we were in Mendocino and Fort Bragg a couple of years ago on vacation. We haven’t had a chance to listen much over the past couple of weeks, but I remember that at this time last year, it was the Coast’s birthday – so I thought I’d send you a note to wish you a happy birthday this year again, and thank you for playing such great music. We love listening to you – and it is always wonderful when it’s cold here (-46 with the wind chill today) and we hear Kate’s voice! It reminds us of warmer times spent in your lovely part of the world. Enjoy!
Stephen, Regina, SK

Thanks guys…you know how much I appreciate you! I have to tell you about how I can now listen to you on my phone, anywhere, with the Tune in Radio app for my droid. It’s been a blast to go hiking at parks in Santa Rosa and Windsor and take KOZT with me. So fun! Hope you are all well, Marilyn

Loving the program. I try to listen to The Coast at every opportunity having discovered it while travelling in The States two years back. I have fond memories of the few days I spent around Mendocino and will revisit one day. Your music and conversations together with the commercial advertisement are a constant prompt of the delightful places and people I met. Thanks for the memories ..cheers and regards. Ian – Vermont Victoria, Australia

Thank you for the countdown….love it every year…but even more we thank you for all you do all year for us, all the charities you support, how much we rely on you for storms, power outages, etc….but most of all for the music. You are a treasure on this coast. Wishing you all a healthy, peaceful and happy 2013. Pat and Richard

I had a lot to do today and didn t want to miss the top 95 so I finally downloaded the app to my android, put on the headphones and have been working like crazy to some great tunes. My fellow listeners have some pretty good taste in music. Loving it all. Love what you do. Richard

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