The Coast People


The founders of The Coast FM are major market professionals who came to Mendocino County to do Real Radio. The call letters left behind by some of the Coast Crew include legends of West Coast Rock; stations like KMPX, KSAN, KLOS, KMEL, and KLSX.

Our morning show on The Coast FM features the “Dean of Mendocino County News Directors.” Joe Regelski is a veteran of San Francisco radio, including KMEL, KNBR, THE QUAKE and THE CITY. Joe is the only local newsperson to cover all the important governmental and civic meetings, presenting factual, timely accounts of all the events of importance to our audience.

For Russ Faust, The Coast FM ’s unique blend is right up his alley – you can tell how much he loves the music! Russ (or Rusty) was a part of the earliest Coast Crew then headed off to hone his craft at stations like KXNT-Las Vegas and Washington State’s KONA AM and FM before coming back home to The Coast FM in 2008.

Kate Hayes, middays on The Coast FM , is a nationally known voice and a veteran programmer and air personality at stations in San Francisco, Los Angeles and more: KSAN, KKCY-THE CITY, KQPT-THE POINT, KTIM, KLSX and others. Kate is also a two-time Marconi Award finalists for Small Market Personality of the year. In 2008, Kate was nominated as FMQB Triple A Music Director of The Year for Markets 51+ for helping to pick the newer music you’re learning to love.

Sarah Haye has been a familiar voice to  The Coast FM listeners for years.  Now keeping us all entertained and informed afternoons with her cheerful demeanor, love of music and deep community ties. Sarah actually started in the office at the Coast when she was barely out of Mendocino high school.  She was on the air within a year and she has never left.  Well … except for a little maternity leave.

Nights on The Coast FM belong to co-owner, Tom Yates. His drey wit and musical knowledge come for his long history in radio and major market successes, including as first Program Director of KLOS, plus progrmming KMPX,KSAN, KKCY-THE CITY  and KLSX, and working as a national consultant. The nightly specials and Tom’s own “LOCAL LICKS” program keep listeners to the wee hours. Tom also hosts “Breakfast with the Beatles”, the longest running Beatles show in Northern California, Sunday Mornings at 8am.

Hosting Sunday evenings on The Coast FM plus occasional fill-ins is station co-owner Vicky Watts.  Vicky also handles the day to day business side of things for the station and, as manager of front page and a member of many service organizations and community groups, brings information and a special awareness of events and happenings to the rest of the Coast Crew and her listeners.  She’s also Mom to our mascots, CD The Coast Dog and LP The Lucky Pup, who join her in the studio.

Joe Seta’s education in mass communications and experience as a news reporter and music recording engineer gave him a solid foundation for commercial production.  Shortly after joining The Coast FM he started hosting his own weekend shows, on Saturday afternoon, Sunday midday, and Monday nights, as well as brilliantly covering for vacations.

“Jazz From The Coast,” Sunday evenings at 7, is hosted by Doug Moody, music lover, collector and producer. Doug started building his unparalleled music collection and his skills as a music storyteller working at a record store as a teen. Both have been handy – he has hosted jazz (and more!) on Mendocino County radio for over a quarter of a century. We are delighted that he has found his home on The Coast FM – just around the corner from home base for his jazz recording label and his jazz club: The Sequoia Room at North Coast Brewing Co.  In 2016, President and Michelle Obama honored Doug as a 2016 Jazz Hero for International Jazz Day.


Off Air

Sam Russell who runs us all and the office at The Coast FM has been at many of the same Los Angeles (KPPC, KPFK, KMET, KLOS, KLSX) and San Francisco (KSFX, KKCY) stations as Tom, Kate and Joe Regelski.  Sam brought her major market Public Service experience to the Coast Crew and to, as well as her skills as a live event producer.  She is vital for our remote broadcasts from parades and other community happenings.

Rick Bondor made the Mendocino Coast his home in 1979.  He moved here to work in radio and has expanded his media skills. He has developed expertise working in sales in Radio, Newspaper, and Direct Delivery.  Rick is a great asset to  The Coast FM and can be for one for your business, too.

Dennis Freeze – Our fantastic Webmaster at Monolith Design, made  The Coast FM a great looking, easy to navigate website and he’s available for your business too. You can reach him at

We also have to mention our Engineer, Bill Rett…. if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be here. And he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the music. He says that The Coast FM is the last of the Real Radio Stations.

The Coast FM is Real Radio …. programmed by long time professionals and hosted by people who just love music.

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