This page shows you how to listen to the station through other streaming methods.

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Listen to The Coast FM in iTunes

Windows PC

URL for Streaming: http://stream.abacast.net/playlist/caradio-koztfmmp3-ibc3.m3u?

Click on your iTunes icon. On the Advanced menu, choose Open Stream and paste or type in the above URL. You can also press Ctrl U to get to the Open Stream dialogue box to type in the address.

If you need to set up iTunes first, go to http://www.apple.com/itunes/, and then follow the instructions above.

Apple MACintosh

Click here: http://stream.abacast.net/playlist/caradio-koztfmmp3-ibc3.m3u?

If you have trouble opening this, control-click on the link and choose Copy Link Location, then go to the Advanced menu in iTunes, choose Open Stream, and paste the link location you just copied.

Once you add the URL, The Coast FM now shows up in your Library in iTunes. You just have to double click on it and The Coast FM starts playing. You can add it to playlists in iTunes as well.

Listen to The Coast FM on your iPhone or iPad

Our free app works on all iOS devices.

Listen to The Coast FM on your Android Phones/Devices

android-os-market-shareOur free app works on all Android devices.

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